Are You Afraid of the Danger Boys?

I’ve known about the danger boys for a while now. I saw them open for Father on the private show tour. I remember being slightly off put by them, I chuckled to myself hearing them sing “You don’t fuckin’ know me, but you my fuckin homie” and they would would always say “REALITY!” between songs. I had never heard of them before I had went to this concert.

I only really had one of their songs “Wassup Phonies” in my rotation. With more of their songs occasionally coming up in Spotify recommendations. I’d listen to “Diamonds” just to relive seeing them in concert .

It wasn’t until I closely listened to “Forever” that I realized just how good the danger boys were. The song is all about sexual frustration, it opens with Louie Duffelbags talking about a girl he’s been in love with since the 7th grade. He goes on to talk about his fantasy of wanting to fuck this girl, but it’s never been reciprocated by her. He ends his verse in a rage of “I’M GONNA FUCK YOU LIKE I DID IN MY DREAM”. It’s a simple concept that I have never really seen explored in the “Sadboi” music scene. Most talk about the down falls being with a girl or the fall out of a relationship they once had.

Maybe it’s not fair to call Louie a “nice guy” but this song is essentially how a “nice guy” would view a woman that he has been lusting over for ages. Notice that he never really talks about wanting to create a life with this girl or how they will live happily ever after. It’s more from a sexual context that all he really wants is to fuck this girl, She is an “object” of lust. He really just wants to fuck and use her for his own pleasure without regard to her wants. He even talks about ending his own life with the thought of her being coked up on a dairy queen bathroom floor.

Once I was hooked, I had to listen to the rest of the album, and I must say the whole project is equally as good. The production alone on this keep everything linked together sonically. It sounds like you’re in a dark,empty graveyard and the danger boys are lurking in the shadows speaking about the things they have seen. The whole project goes together so well and every song leads right into the next that the short run time of 21 minutes could not have ended any quicker.

If you are fan of the “Sadboi” music scene and have not given a listen to this album I would highly recommend you do. From start to finish you’ll be along for a ride.

Favorite songs:

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