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The following is a copy/paste of a Reddit post I made to r/archlinux a month ago. I was doing an install of arch and upon reviewing of the systemd-boot wiki page I saw that it stated that it was out of date. I was doing a bunch of reading on the topic and decided to try and reach out to the community to see what input they had.

Replies were next to none (except the 1 guy that said the wiki was correct as if he didn’t even read my post/look at the page for himself) but I had found the solution to my problem.

So below is an even shorter version of the Reddit thread that gives the step by step notes I would use to install arch with XBOOTLDR.

More reading about this can be found on Systemd’s website

**Using XBOOTLDR:**

create a separate partition of at least 250Mib labeled "Linux extended boot" (guid of bc13c2ff-59e6-4262-a352-b275fd6f7172) now referred to as $BOOT

Format $BOOT to fat32:
mkfs.vfat -F 32 $BOOT

mount the ESP to /mnt/efi and the $BOOT to /mnt/boot

install with pacstrap per usual

in chroot use the command: (not sure it is needed as bootctl looks for this by default but good to specify)

bootctl --esp-path=/efi --boot-path=/boot install

edit /efi/loader/loader.conf to say:

"default arch
timeout 3"

edit /boot/loader/entries/arch.conf to:

"title Arch_Linux_extendedboot
linux /vmlinuz-linux
initrd /initramfs-linux.img
initrd /initramfs-linux-fallback.img
options root=/dev/sdX"

reboot and enjoy

See the next page for the original Reddit post:

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